Zamboni by Sean-Patrick O'Brien in the 2016 NYC Fringe Festival:

"Joseph Franchini brings Jamie to life in the new play “Zamboni” by Sean-Patrick O’Brien, being presented as part of the N.Y. International Fringe Festival, with a remarkably honest and vulnerable performance. Mr. Franchini fills his character with uncertainty, frailty, instability, and addiction all the while showing the strength to attempt to overcome temptations, change his inevitable destiny and search for a love he has never experienced. It is a performance that is not easy to watch but should not be missed."

​                                             Joseph Verlezza,                                         

"...everyone had immense chemistry with Joseph Franchini's Jamie.  Franchini gave a heartbreaking performance."

                                              Michael Block,


"I was struck by the immense talent of the actors in their performances, especially Joseph Franchini"

​                                              Amy Gijsbers van Wijk,

​"Joseph Franchini is such a fantastic actor that we find ourselves sympathetic towards him and really hope that he and LeeAnn can scare away their demons." 

                                             Eva Heinemann, Hi!Drama

The Navigator, New York Production and

the Hollywood Fringe Festival:


"Mr. Franchini is a nicely calibrated study in sweaty, wide-eyed

agitation, communicating with the world solely through his

car phone"

                                              Andy Webster, The New York Times


Joseph Franchini delivers a flawless performance as Dave -

a difficult role that could easily have come across as pathetic,

pitying, bumbling, or thoughtless in the wrong hands."                                              



"Franchini is a wonder to watch as he explodes in joy, anger,

and sadness as he follows the guidance of his car companion."  

                                              Shari Barrett,


"Coming from the original New York production, actors

Joseph Franchini and Kelly Anne Burns nail their respective

roles as driver and disembodied voice GPS. Franchini very

believably plays Dave’s range of emotions, which run the gamut

from elation to frustration"

                                               Gil Kaan, Culture Spot LA


"Joseph Franchini is excellent as Dave, grounding the hilarious

script in his honest reactions to his unexplained fortune.” 

                                               Flavorpill, John Peacock *Editor's Pick


"Joseph Franchini plays Dave with great verve and compassion,

delivering a performance that’s funny and human.” 

                                               Martin Denton, Indie Theatre Now


"Franchini's open face poignantly reveals Dave's uncertainty and

pain as he grows first dependent upon, then resentful of his

unexpected source of guidance."

                                               Shari Perkins, Theatre Online


“The staging is marvelously persuasive. I especially admired

Joseph Franchini. He’s wonderful.”


Mrs. Warren's Profession:


From Off Off
“Joseph Franchini’s performance as Praed is also a gem, from the

time he nervously approaches to meet Vivie and becomes inexorably

drawn into the family’s drama.  He too is rather helpless and limited

product of his station.”

“Franchini is hilariously affected and foppish (he is especially

well-served by David Withrow's wonderful costumes).”

From The Fab Marquee:
“Joseph Franchini was enjoyable as Praed; he had the character

down pat!”

Pierre le Quin:


Curtain Up review:
"A mere switch of a hat and mustachioed Joseph Franchini

becomes the entire towns' folk from baker to tax collector.

Joseph Franchini makes directorial magic by bringing naturalism

with commedia dell'arte flair into masterful balance."